Questions and Answers About the Problem of Compulsive
Gambling and the Bettors Anonymous Program

What is compulsive gambling?

What is the first thing a compulsive gambler ought to do in order to stop gambling?

How can you tell whether you are a compulsive gambler?

How does someone stop gambling through the Bettors Anonymous program?

Is knowing why we gambled important?

Isn't compulsive gambling basically a financial problem?

Why can't a compulsive gambler simply use will power to stop gambling?

Can a compulsive gambler ever gamble normally again?

Does this mean I can't even buy a lottery ticket or participate in a World Series pool?

What are some characteristics of a person who is a compulsive gambler?

What is the dream world of the compulsive gambler?

I only go on gambling binges periodically. Do I need Bettors Anonymous?

Who can join Bettors Anonymous?

How much does it cost to join Bettors Anonymous?

Why are Bettors Anonymous members anonymous?

Is Bettors Anonymous a religious society?

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